SEI 1585 - Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation (Spring 2020) - Harvard Business School

This course will define the emerging trend of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It will use cases and a selected list of readings to illustrate the typical life-cycle of social enterprise formation: from innovation and ideation, to opportunity assessment, to raising capital and team formation, to the ultimate scale, sustainability, and impact of a social enterprise.  Given Professor Khwaja’s expertise in development and education, he will lead a module on education innovation and systems change during the middle of the course.

Faculty: Brian Trelstad, Senior Lecturer (HBS) and Asim Khwaja

Term Start Date: January 28, 2020

Meet Day: Wed/Thur/Fri

Meet Time: 1:15pm-3:15 pm

Location:  Aldrich 210 (HBS)