Working Papers and Current Projects

Working Papers


Bank Credit and Business Networks (with A. Mian, Princeton and A. Qamar, State Bank of Pakistan), WP 2011.

Identifying Business Networks in Emerging Economies (with A. Mian, Princeton and A. Qamar, State Bank of Pakistan), WP 2005.


Upping the Ante: The Equilibrium Effects of Unconditional Grants to Private Schools, (with T. Andrabi, J. Das, S. Ozyurt, and N. Singh), WP July 2018.

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Bad Public Schools are Public Bads: Test Scores and Civic Values in Public and Private Schools (with T. Andrabi, N. Bau, and J. Das), WP 2010


Trust in State and Non-State Actors: Evidence from Dispute Resolution in Pakistan (with D. Acemoglu, A. Cheema and J. Robinson) WP 2018.

Skills, Return to Household and Poverty Reduction. (with Ali Cheema), WP 2010.


Current Projects


Glass Walls: Experimental Evidence on Access Constraints faced by Rural Women (with A. Cheema, F. Naseer, and J. Shapiro)

Skills, Beliefs, and Development: Examining skill-enhancing interventions in Pakistan (with A. Cheema, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), F. Naseer, LUMS, and Jacob Shapiro, Princeton)

Identifying the Impact of Decentralization: Evidence from Pakistan (with A. Cheema, Lahore University of Management Sciences, and A. Qadir, Pakistan Administrative Staff College)

Financing for Firms: Experimental Innovations in South Africa (with B. Klinger, Harvard University)

Divided We Fall: Understanding Retail Clusters (with J. Das, DECRG World Bank, and A. Mian, U of Chicago, GSB)


How Effective are Parent-Teacher School Councils? Experimental Evidence from a Developing Country (with T. Andrabi, Pomona, and J.Das, DECRG World Bank)

Information and Choices: Examining Parental Investments Across Children (with T. Andrabi, Pomona, J.Das, DECRG World Bank, and J. Montalvo, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


Rebuilding the Social Compact: Urban Service Delivery and Property Taxes in Pakistan (with A. Khan, M. Shaukat and B. Olken).

The Big March: Consequences of the 1947 Partition of India (with A. Mian, U of Chicago, GSB)