Office Hours

To schedule a meeting with Professor Khwaja, choose an available time slot from the days offered in the online system. 

Please follow all prompts while scheduling a meeting. You will receive an automated confirmation email when you have successfully booked an appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation email it means that you have not secured a meeting time. If that occurs, please resubmit your request and ensure that you complete all necessary steps including clicking "confirm" when prompted.

Please note, time preference must be given to Professor Khwaja's current students. If you are not one of his current students or advisees, please sign up for only one appointment per semester.

Masters students: please sign up for 15 minutes only.  PhD students may sign up for 30 minutes (two 15-minute slots).

If you need to cancel or have any problems or questions regarding office hours, please contact Alia Braley at .

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