Letters of Recommendation

Please contact Professor Khwaja to request a letter of recommendation.  

If Professor Khwaja agrees to write you a letter of recommendation, please follow the following steps:

1.  Send all relevant informative materials to rosemary_berberian@hks.harvard.edu.  These may include:

  • A copy of your most recent transcript

  • Your CV

  • A paragraph or two stating your accomplishments while working with Professor Khwaja

  • A sentence or two describing the qualities you would like his letter to focus on

  • Your personal statement

  • Your teaching statement

  • A copy of an essay, working paper, or published article

Also please send a spreadsheet that lists where the letter must be submitted, how it must be submitted, and the due dates for submission.  If you don’t know the due date for the submission of the recommendation letter, please write-in the application due date.

2.  IMPORTANT:  SEND ALL AUTOMATED REQUESTS FOR YOUR RECOMMENDATION LETTER TO rosemary_berberian@hks.harvard.edu.  DO NOT SEND ANY AUTOMATED REQUESTS DIRECTLY TO PROFESSOR KHWAJA.                 **One exception** Send AEA requests to:  asim_ijaz_khwaja@harvard.edu

By following these three steps you will help to ensure that your letter(s) of recommendation are written and submitted in a timely manner.